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Garden Fresh– All the flavors of your vegetable garden come to life in this refreshing spice blend whose delightful combination will make you feel like its Spring Time year round!

Uses: Fish, Pasta, Salads, Vegetables, Stir-Fry, Coleslaw's, Potato Salads, Hummus 

Contains: Carrot, Celery, Tomato, Garlic and proprietary blend of herbs and spices. No MSG *SALT FREE

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Here's a recipe with this blend you may enjoy!

Hope Springs Garden Fresh Pasta Salad 


16 oz. Pkg. Garden Rotini Pasta 
1 Cup Grape Tomatoes – cut in half
​1 Yellow Bell Pepper – chopped
​½ Sm. Red Onion – diced
​1 Medium Broccoli – rinsed, trimmed and chopped small
​ 8 to 12 oz. Cooked Ham – chopped

Vinaigrette Ingredients:
½ Cup Olive Oil
​¼ Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
​1 TBLS Honey
​2 TBLS Hope Springs Gourmet Garden Fresh Spice Blend


1. Place ingredients for vinaigrette in jar with lid and shake until blended.

2. Cook pasta according to directions on package. 

3. Transfer cooked pasta to strainer and rinse under cold water and drain.

4. Place pasta in large bowl. 
5. Add chopped veggies and ham. 

6.  Stir until mixed well. 

7.  Shake vinaigrette and pour over pasta mixture and combine. 
8.  Refrigerate until chilled.

Serve with Hope Springs Salty Dill Gourmet Crackers.

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