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If you’ve never been to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, then you need to put it on your life list. What an amazing experience! 

Opening day at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta was a completely amazing and successful day! It started with the Dawn Patrol before the Mass Ascension, which was absolutely breath taking! We offered samples of our crackers, and they were a complete success. The Green Chile Rice flavor was the front-runner of all flavors on the first day. We had our first Gluten Free purchase, first purchase of all six flavors to receive a Hope Springs Gourmet Crackers reusable tote bag and several Face Book likes. People from Alaska to Florida are now enjoying our crackers! The first evening ended with a wonderful fireworks display! 

The second day of the balloon fiesta was exciting as well but somewhat disappointing for spectators. The wind was too strong for the balloons to launch in the morning, so they only inflated on the field. In addition to adults, kids are really enjoying our crackers! On the second day, the Mexi-Fiesta Flavor was chasing Green Chile Rice in sales!

​Day three of the fiesta was thrilling! Our crackers gained International appeal as we had our first International sale in the morning, Luis from the Dominican Republic with his team was there participating with their balloon. The weather cooperated and balloons were able launch, followed with a bean bag drop competition from the air balloons. 

​On Tuesday, an amazing number of people come out at 5:00 in the morning to see all the sights! Every morning the day begins with the National Anthem and the flying of our American Flag. Hope Springs Gourmet Crackers honors our Military Service Men, Women and Veterans who protect our freedoms to enjoy events such as this and we are proud to say our crackers are "Made in the USA!" 

Wednesday morning at the fiesta began with the lunar eclipse and blood moon...quite a sight to see! The weather delayed the balloon launch so we were able to find the time to go down on the field and see these gentle air giants come to life in just a few moments!!! 

Our favorite day was the one with Special Shaped Balloons! It was fun watching the reactions of the crowd - whether young or old, everyone felt excitement as each one lifted off and everyone cheered! Ross and Menerea, crewmembers of the POW-MIA balloon came by our booth. It was an honor to talk with them and see their passion to remind everyone to never forget our brave missing soldiers! 

​​The weather couldn't have been better the morning of the mass ascension! The sky was filled with balloons for as far as you could see. It was estimated that over 800,000 spectators attended. The evening glow did not go as planned. Only a handful of balloons attempted to ascend but soon deflated; however. Mother Nature provided the perfect glow for all!  The night closed with spectacular fireworks!  

Hope Springs Was an Artisan at the Balloon Fiesta!

Albuquerque, NM

October 4 - 12, 2014