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Hope Springs Gourmet Foods include our signature Gourmet Crackers, Dips, and Spice Blends.

Each product has "Artisan" appeal for those with a discerning palette for gourmet foods.

Our products are unique, flavorful, and savory. Each made with fresh natural ingredients and special blends of trade secret proprietary herbs, spices and powders without added preservatives, sugars,

Trans fats, soy, artificial colors & dyes and are free of MSG.

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Hope Springs Gourmet Foods produced and  made in Texas

Texas baked crackers

Crackers made in Texas

Texas made food products

Gluten Free Crackers made in Texas

Dip Mixes made in Texas

Spice Blends made in Texas

Hand made in Texas

Hand crafted crackers

Hand baked crackers

Hand cut crackers

Dairy Free Dip Mixes

Dip Mixes made with hummus

Crackers for Wine Tastings

Palette cleansing crackers

Crackers for catering

Salad dressing mixes

Salt free spice blends

Low salt spice blends

Gluten Free Dip Mixes

Gluten Free Spice Blends

Dry Rubs

Gluten Free Dry Rubs

Gluten Free Seasonings

Seasoning for Chicken

Seasoning for Pork

Seasoning for Beef

Seasoning for Vegetables

Seasoning for Tofu

Spice blend for chicken pork beef vegetables

Attention Wineries! 

We offer 3 sizes of cracker packages,

from small to bulk. Ideal for gift baskets,

gift shops and wine tastings! 

Our Savory Seeds is a favorite as a palette cleansing cracker for wine tastings!   

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Hope Springs Gourmet Foods Crackers,

Dip Mixes and Spice Blends are a unique and flavorful addition to gourmet food shoppes!   

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Our crackers and dip mixes

are the perfect addition to your charcuterie boards,

cheese trays or catering event!

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Gourmet Crackers, Dip Mixes & Spice Blends

Hope Springs Gourmet Foods is USA owned and operated.

All of our products are made and manufactured in Amarillo, Texas, in the U.S.A.

All Hope Springs Gourmet Crackers, Dip Mixes & Spice Blends are trade secret,

proprietary recipes and made with natural ingredients, with no added preservatives,

Trans fats, sugars, soy, MSG or artificial colors & dyes.

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